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Four Legged Rascals is pleased to offer:

  • In-home training for dogs and cats

  • Group training lessons

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen training and testing

  • Information on how to communicate effectively with your dog and cat

  • Leadership exercises

  • Separation anxiety consultations

  • Behavior modification for fearful behavior

  • Barking, chewing, digging and mouthing resolution

  • Lessons on greeting politely (and stop your dog from jumping on guests!)

  • Recall and walking nicely on leash

  • Resolutions for housetraining

  • Multi-dog problem solving

  • Advanced obedience training

  • Tricks and more!

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"I just want you to know, the "stop" command is something I have never learned in my thirty years of being a dog owner.
My young puppy was in 3 sessions of Bonnie's classes. We were playing outside, and people were passing on the road in front of us. She started running. I was flustered and couldn't remember what to do, since calling her wasn't working. All of a sudden I yelled, "STOP!" It worked! Dead in her tracks! I was flabbergasted!
I can't say enough about this program. Bonnie and Tom have been great! 
I'm even following her from the other place they were teaching. It's kind of far, but worth it! Thanks - Hope and Nahla"


"Just wanted to say a big " thank you" for your efforts over the past weeks of class.  You and your team have been wonderful!   You have been patient and supportive as we acclimate to life with a new puppy. The last few months have been a transition for us, as we have a 15 year old dog as well and there is a lot to juggle."


Just wanted to let you know that "leave it" worked in a real-life situation the other day (as opposed to a training session). Nugget had found one of my ponytail holders and was carrying it in his mouth and dropped it on the floor. This scared me because I know that those can cause havoc if swallowed. When I saw what he had and that he was about to pick it up again, I said "leave it", and he moved on and away from it. Yay! - LA


Bonnie, Kari and Deb do such a terrific job! They always have very skilled assistants with them and every person in group training leaves feeling like they just got private training at a group price! Great bargain and terrific skills!     - Canine College


Contact us using this form or
Call us at (248) 515-4879 to schedule a training session with one of our certified trainers.

Thank you for contacting us! We will be in touch shortly.

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